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Reliability and Dedication

On December 15, 2010, Blanchard's Heating & Cooling received a call from a Nova Scotia-based trucking company. They had a driver en route from Port Aux Basques with a load of frozen products on-board when their reefer broke. Afraid of their product spoiling, they called us. We repaired their reefer quickly in our shop before their product had time to thaw. The trucking company has been a customer of ours ever since because they trust our reliability and dedication.

Dependable Repair Service

In July of 2011, Blanchard's Heating & Cooling received a call from an Ontario-based tour group. They had a fully booked tour bus coming across the ferry into Newfoundland. Once they docked, the air conditioner stopped working, making it very uncomfortable for the passengers. We were able to meet the bus at our mechanic shop, repairs were made as quickly as possible and the group was able to enjoy the rest of their tour comfortably. The tour company was grateful to find such a dependable repair service in the area.

Quick Response

On Christmas Eve 2011, Blanchard's Heating & Cooling received a service call from a residence in Cow Head, NL. The customer was panicked because he needed his freezer fixed and didn't think he could get a technician to come to the Northern Peninsula on Christmas Eve. Our owner Ivan immediately told the client that he was on his way, despite possibly missing Christmas with his own family. However, it was worth it - the customer was incredibly grateful for our quick response.

Serving Clients in West Newfoundland for 24 Years

The technicians at Blanchard’s Heating & Cooling Limited are dedicated to bringing all of our clients consistent results with friendly and helpful customer service. We’re dedicated to being there when you need it, whether that’s during the holidays, when you’re traveling or when your business needs it the most.

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Our team of technicians service:

  • Air conditioners
  • Heat pumps
  • Refrigeration
  • Heat recovery
  • Ventilation
  • Sheet metal work
  • Full range of welding for all metal
  • Heating products
  • Restaurant canopies
  • Exhaust hoods
  • Geothermal
  • 24 hour service

Service Areas

We serve home and business owners in:

  • West Newfoundland
  • Corner Brook and surrounding areas
Residential and Commercial Service

Residential and Commercial Service

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